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The Wise Heart

8 Week Online Mindfulness Training


Do you want to reduce stress in body and mind?
Strengthen the areas in the brain of positive mental states and feelings?
Boost the immune system?
Refine your body's perception to better respond to your body's signals?
Get out of the vicious cycle of negative thoughts and improve your quality of life?
Develop more self-acceptance and self-love?

"Mindfulness "refers to the art of being with what is. It opens us to a refined sense of being, noticing what happens when you do not try to change the present moment. Mindfulness is a powerful key to being a vibrant human being, because it teaches you to look closely at life and breathe with the mysterious pulse that is flowing through you in this moment. 


Science has today proven the numerous positive effects of mindfulness training, from stress reduction to strengthening brain areas of positive mental states and emotions, as well as the immune system. Mindfulness has become part of many therapeutic systems. It is a peace process of letting go of being at war with ourselves and life










In the mindfulness training, we learn to better recognize our behavioral patterns, to change perspectives and self-regulate our emotions and thoughts. As we encounter our experiences as a part of human life instead of as faulty, we see our negative thoughts and feelings with completely new eyes. We learn to approach ourselves gently and lovingly, as we understand these to be merely defense mechanisms that our evolutionary system developed to meet life at the best of our capacities. The practice thus becomes a learning process about ourselves and life. We come to understand and redefine what it means to be human.


"The mind creates the abyss and the heart crosses it."- Sri Nisaragadatta.



Every Wednesday starting on 4.10.23, from 19-20:45 CET. 

Every session consists of:

- a talk on one aspects of mindfulness and embodied presence

- guided practices

- moments of shared reflections and questions

- audio meditations will be sent out after the class for your home practice



Only upon registration via the contact formular prior to 30.9.23

Please do only sign up if you can participate at least 6 out of 8 sessions.


FEE:  165 €

A few scholarships are available to people with financial difficulties. 

To apply for a scholarship mention it in the contact formular.

The tools and techniques I convey are among the most widespread ancient knowledge of healing and insight known in our world today. This course is inspired by the teachings from my teachers Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield (USA), with whom I certified as a mindfulness teacher in January 2023.

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