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"Step after step," it says from the dephts - Mira's experience with cycle hypnosis

Mira shares how cycle hypnosis changed her relationship with the premenstrual phase over three cycles.

The premenstruum is a well-known precarious phase in the female cycle, known for its high sensitivity. It challenges us women to reconcile our increasing thinness day by day with the tasks of everyday life. Especially when we have to balance family, job and household, the growing need for calm and self-care is a real challenge. The closer we get to menstruation, the stronger this need becomes, inviting us to slow down and become more loving with ourselves, to clearly communicate our needs and feelings, and to introduce the outside world step by step to this aspect of the feminine.

1. "I am in inner autumn (premenstruum) towards inner winter (menstruation).

I'm packing for the weekend because we're going camping with the whole family. Suddenly I'm overwhelmed with the task and think to myself, "Oh man, how am I doing this!" My heart starts pounding. Then, suddenly, such a deep "step by step," as I heard in hypnosis from my subconscious, comes back to mind. That was awesome because it came from such a depth within me. It's as if the cycle hypnosis had not only integrated something into the depths but also as if a mouthpiece from the depths had been laid through it. "Step by step" it said from the depths. Then I first sat down, got something warm to drink and made a list until sometime later I started packing. What a beautiful experience when we are connected!"

2. "The last inner fall and winter were tumultuous because both kids were sick. I definitely acted a little more annoyed than I did in the inner spring (follicular phase) and summer (ovulation), too, but I kind of stopped taking it so personally and seeing it as dramatic. I then just apologized to them for getting grumpy and then the drama was out. That was totally nice. What I have done now as a ritual is that I put a glass with magnesium, as Julika advised me for this phase, during the day, also sometimes in between, then when the children stress me too much, when they are both sick at home, for example, I drink a sip of it every now and then. "

3. "In the inner fall of the penultimate cycle, I had support at home with children and household. This was a totally beautiful experience because I knew very clearly what I needed and how to communicate that. Experiencing community and the inner clarity regarding what I need did me a lot of good. This had already become very clear in the hypnosis before, and now I could also see it in everyday life. That was a beautiful experience. I am now looking to see if I can arrange the experience of community more often in this phase of the inner autumn.


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