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What is hypnosis? Myth vs. Truth

Hypnosis is considered the oldest tool of healing. It can be found in the temples of ancient Greece, in tribal rituals, in the shamanic art of healing and nowadays also at the dentist, in the operating room or during a birth. Despite the great "myth" that still exists today that hypnosis is an unconscious state in which the client succumbs to manipulation, it is a completely natural state that has nothing to do with the hypnotist manipulating the client's psyche while the client is mentally absent.

Hypnosis is not an unconscious, passive process. Rather, hypnosis is the name given to a state that each of us experiences on a daily basis, such as when we are daydreaming, engrossed in a book, meditating or doing yoga nidra, dancing, listening to music, watching television, etc. We are in a different mental state, as in everyday consciousness (the mind) and at the same time just as conscious. As everyone knows from their own experience, in all these states we are fully conscious and can end the experience at any time. For example, when we want to do something else, like go to the bathroom or answer the phone, we put the book aside and stand up.

In a hypnosis session, you use this very natural state to your own advantage. Because, as research has now scientifically proven, consciousness in the pleasant state of hypnosis is particularly capable of bringing about change, processing things and changing habits for the better.

During a session, client and hypnotist are in constant dialogue. This allows us to work consciously with the subconscious mind, which makes up 95% of our personality and is much wiser than the mind. It is the place where our long memory is stored, our emotions reside, self-protection, our habits and beliefs. The mind, the normal everyday consciousness, is therefore only about 5% of our self and is therefore not really able to initiate profound changes.

For this reason, in hypnosis it is possible to accomplish in one session things for which other therapies take years, such as quitting smoking, freeing people from stuttering or asthma, dissolving panic attacks, and so on.

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