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RAIN - Turning Difficulties into the Path
Healing with Mindfulness

Working with E-motions (Energy in Motion) and challenging situations is a big part of every personal growth and spiritual journey. Paradoxically, they are probably the biggest challenges on that very journey. But how come is that so?


Human beings naturally tend to react to difficulties with resistance because of them being by nature uncomfortable. That makes it hard to sense what is really going on beneath the discomfort. Yet to release an emotion, it is necessary to address the need beneath that emotion. However, our resistance to discomfort, defensiveness and reactivity, make it really hard to see the real need below our emotions. Without seeing the underlying need, it becomes almost impossible to find a wise and caring response that actually helps. We rather tend to get lost in the story about what is happening and the emotions about the emotion, while what is beneath the surface is a whole well of human vulnerabilities that wants to be seen and met with loving care and acceptance. When the need beneath an emotion can not make it into our awareness, the emotion can not flow. Its energy can not move, the body tenses, the nervous system stresses, and we react with our defenses. The emotion gets stuck in the body.

As a result the same patterns of reactivity repeat, and we often find ourselves in the same situations over and over. In "RAIN" I guide you through a 4 step process based on the renown Mindfulness Practice called RAIN that is supporting practitioners worldwide since almost 40 years to turn difficulties into resources.

In these RAIN sessions, I guide you through the practice of RAIN based on the situation you have outlined to me beforehand. It is not necessary to reveal many details. You will share as little or much as comfortable.



R - Recognize

Recognize what is happening on the most obvious level. What situation is triggering this feeling state? When does it occur? Etc.


A - Allow

Take a moment to just be with the experience as it is. Allow it to be there, just as it is. This is already a huge shift for the heart, from reactivity to sensitivity to belonging. You stop being at war with what is.


I - Investigate

Investigate with interest and care what is really going on beneath the story you've been telling yourself and the emotions you are feeling.


N - Nurture

Nurture yourself with what you have discovered to be the real human need beneath this experience. Sometimes it is something that you can give directly to yourself and sometimes we call in allies to support you in this (People, spiritual teachers, guides, Buddhas etc.)


Choose a topic, story, situation or emotion that is difficult to be with for the session to focus on. (Nothing that is traumatic). You will need a place to lie down or a comfortable stressless armchair during the session. I will guide you with my voice through the process, which is interactive, that means you will give me feedback on what is happening for you as we go.



55 € per hour.


60 - 90 min.


RAIN is an acronym introduced first by Insight Meditation teacher Michele McDonald from the USA over 30 years ago and has helped thousands of people ever since in dealing with difficult emotions and challenging situations. It is used by many therapists and mindfulness teachers worldwide. I learned this technique from my teacher Tara Brach, who is a huge advocate for this work. While one can practice RAIN easily by oneself with a recording, for more complex topics it is advisable to have a mindfulness teacher or therapist guide you.


For some people and topics one session is enough to integrate and work through the emotion.

In other cases a few follow up sessions might be supportive.

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