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Cycle Coaching

End the struggle, learn to love your cycle

  • 1 Std 15 Min.
  • 70 Euro
  • Google Meet, Skype, Zoom


The cycle is a highly sensitive and intelligent ecosystem designed for health and psychological growth. I accompany women in living their femininity in a self-determined, self-confident and dignified way. I support you to feel more comfortable in your body through cycle awareness and practical know-how. Maybe you don't know what's wrong with you, where to start, or have specific questions about your issues. By educating you through cycle knowledge, I help you to look at your cycle from a holistic perspective. In my experience, this alone ensures self-empowering sustainable change. More information and booking in the menu item "CYCLE COACHING". See my booking calendar here:


Seminarhaus Remetschwiel, Zum Buck, Weilheim, Germany

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