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"I am interested in using self-knowledge and proven wisdom to thrive together as a human race, to live happier and healthier as a collective and evolve the human capacity for wisdom and compassion."


I was born in the year of the Earth Dragon 1988 in Mainz. From the western astrology I am Leo and according to Human Design Manifestor. I spent my childhood in a hippie village of dropouts in Northern Italy. After graduating from high school, I first studied contemporary dance at the art academy in Holland (ArteZ). Then I went to Nepal and India for 4 years to deepen Buddhism and Yoga. Today I live between the southern Black Forest and Tuscany.

My whole life revolves around the exploration of body and mind, and how we come into relationship with our own aliveness through these two elements in order to live connected, healthy and dignified with each other.

The core of my work is to support people in growing on their own to stand in life with dignity and vitality. I help you deal with the various challenges of being human, broaden perspectives, get to know yourself better, and understand being human better. With hypnosis I support you in releasing mental and emotional blockages. With cycle work I accompany you to explore your female body. With mindfulness to strengthen your ability of introspection, embodied presence and inner resources.


Ultimately, my goal is to help you thrive together as humanity through self-knowledge and growth, to live happier and healthier lives together, and to face challenges with more wisdom and compassion.


I am a trained mindfulness teacher (® Jack Kornfeld and Tara Brach), somatic yoga teacher (® Maja Zilih), and menstrual cycle coach (® Red School). I also have an MA in Buddhist Studies and Tibetology.

I teach mindfulness classes, yoga classes, cycle hypnosis and menstrual cycle coaching. I also occasionally interpret for Tibetan meditation teachers.



My Cycle Journey

I suffered all my life from very strong menstrual cramps and the feeling of not belonging. My female body felt like a burden. I often wished I were a man.


My Cycle and Me

A few years ago (I think it was in 2017) during a study trip to Nepal, my period pains overcame me like never before. I was on the verge of fainting from the severe cramps. This had never happened to me ever. I have always had severe pain during menstruation and had to take ibuprofen 400 mg, but it had never been so severe that I was about to faint.


In the meantime I had completed a yoga teacher training and I lived closer to my body than previously I had. All of a sudden, the scales fell from my eyes, "This is NOT normal!" I felt like my body was trying to send me a message that I had never learned to listen to. I needed to get in touch with what was going on inside me. I had to follow  this call by means of the pain inside of me.


So I began to learn about my female body and the menstrual cycle. I took classes online, read books, and observed meticulously what I learned on my own body. Many years have passed since then. My life has turned around 180°.


My biggest realization? Our bodies are wiser than our minds. The more you ignore them, the more they rebel. My body was never the problem. My lifestyle and mindset were. All my life I had lived against my body's natural rhythms at the expenses of my health.

In a society that emphasizes masculine agency and doesn't know any better, I, like most women, conformed to what I was told at a VERY HIGH price: completely ignoring my body and my cycle. After working with many women, I think this is probably the main reason why so many of us suffer from PMS, menstrual cramps, chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety... the list goes on. I had all of these symptoms.


Today, after years of cycle education and self-exploration, I know that women are cyclical beings by nature. That means they are not meant to be the same every day of the month, to feel the same, to behave the same, to be equally productive.


That was probably the biggest insight I got and the gateway to my own freedom. I now live in harmony with my cycle as best I can. I allow myself the breaks I need, work less and put less pressure on myself. I know when to pay attention to what, whether it's with nutrition, detoxing, or simply slowing down. I have found much more confidence and my sense of inherent dignity as a woman.


And no, Ibuprofen I haven't needed for a long time. And I don't have PMS or chronic fatigue, depression or anxiety anymore either. This is my mission today: to show you what changed my life and that you can do it too.

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