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Mindfulness Training & Menstrual Cycle Coaching


"You are not a drop in the ocean.

You are the ocean in a drop."


How much power for change and growth do you carry within?

I believe that most of the time it just takes a change of perspective and a few subtle but smart shifts to bring about big changes.

Here you will find proven knowledge to master life's challenges smartly, work out solutions yourself, dignify your body and apply your inner resources for yourself and others.


"The mind creates the abyss and the heart crosses it."

Sri Nisargadatta

About me

Certified Hypnocoach, Menstruality Leader and Mindfulness Teacher


My whole life revolves around the exploration of body and mind. How do we come through these two elements, body and mind, into deep connection with what we feel is possible deep on the inside? How much potential do we carry within us to bring that about? And above all: how difficult does it have to be?

These questions have inspired me across continents to seek out Western and Eastern wisdom traditions regarding body and mind. I have always been concerned with things having to be practical and effective for a modern life.

I am a Tibetologist, Mindfulness Teacher (®Jack Kornfeld and Tara Brach), Somatic Yoga Teacher (®Maja Zilih), HypnoCoach (®OMNI Hypnosis International) and Menstruality Leader (®Red School). My services bring together all the experiences and insights that have come from my travels and trainings and intend to empower others to live confidently, with dignity and free of old burdens.



  • Powerful changes, efficiently and smart


    1 hr

    80 Euro
  • End the struggle, learn to love your cycle


    1 hr 15 min

    70 Euro
  • Walking the Path of Feminine Wisdom


    1 hr

    70 Euro
  • Learn spoken or classical Tibetan


    1 hr

    30 Euro


Julika is such a wise heart with a wise mind and wise mind, what feels like thousands of years of meditation experience. She weaves together wisdom from so many directions. Unbelievable. It is pure enrichment to work with her. No matter how long you have been meditating.

Mira Baumgartner


So good to have you!

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