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Did you know that the menstrual cycle has its own intelligence?

That it is like an inner compass that informs you about processes that are part of your development process at this moment?

That it is a guide for your life path and your health?

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Menstrual cycle hypnosis is a conscious process where I guide you on your journey into your subconscious mind to discover the deep world within and access the transformative powers that lie dormant in your subconscious. Often we connect with the menstrual cycle because of cycle-related disturbances, while being unaware of its seminal power. The cycle has a profound impact on the way we experience life. It holds deep knowledge about our strengths as well as weaknesses, where we tend to get stuck again and again, and the resources it takes to integrate these challenges. The cycle itself is designed to return us to our rightful sense of dignity, belonging, self-worth and self-confidence.

Many parts of ourselves are below the level of consciousness, which prevents us from naming them and thus perceiving them consciously. Thus, we cannot make them our own. Nevertheless, they shape our experiences and our self-image without our being aware of it. We may find ourselves stuck in repetitive patterns and experiences without knowing how to change them.


"To tame the dragon, you have to give it a name," say the shamans from South America.


This often leaves us feeling confused, powerless, helpless and unworthy. We become susceptible to the manipulation of hierarchical power structures that further strip us of our own power. Hypnosis is an incredible tool to access our subconscious layers, to bring the unconscious into consciousness and integrate it.

In cycle hypnosis, I guide you through the menstrual cycle in an imaginary visual process. We imagine the cycle as a circle with four different phases (corresponding to the four phases of the cycle), through which we move one after the other. We allow energies, inner images and messages to emerge that are invisible to our everyday consciousness, but can be retrieved from the subconscious. These images and messages are carriers of important meaning and transformative power.

Image by Darius Bashar

Topics for a Session

- You may be working with a specific difficulty or issue where you need guidance and healing with,
- You want to receive guidance and insight for your next steps,
- You want to connect with yourself and your femininity and gain insight into how your cycle works,

- To gather yourself when you are feeling anxious, confused, lost or stressed,
- To gain insight into the invisible forces at work in the four phases of your cycle (and thereby understand your actions and thoughts),
- To gain insight into the energies and needs during your cycle,

- You want to understand why you are so sensitive during e.g. premenstruum / overwhelmed during inner spring, etc.

- And much more...



We start with a deep hypnotic relaxation. Then I guide you on an inner journey through all four seasons of your cycle to receive and integrate the insights that emerge.


A session lasts about 2 hours including pre- and post-talk. After the session you are likely to feel very relaxed and I recommend you take some time for yourself to integrate before resuming other activities.

TRIAL OFFER 1o0€ for the first session

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