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Are you suffering from cycle discomfort and looking for holistic support?

Maybe you're here because you hear the call to re-connect with yourself?

Or are you sensing that there is more to your body and cycle than you have ever been told?

Or perhaps all of it?

The cycle is a highly sensitive and intelligent ecosystem designed for health and psychological growth. Sadly we live in a society that did not teach us about the natural rhythms of our body. Unknowingly that can cause unhealthy lifestyle patterns which impact immensely our overall health. The cycle is not a problem to be solved, it is an integer ecology that needs to be understood and respected. This means that there's a lot that you can do starting from today in order to feel better about yourself and your body. I am here to teach you how


At present you might be suffering from period pain, extreme mood swings, chronic fatigue and the constant pressure to perform. I feel you. I have been there.

You might not know what's going on with you, where to start or have specific questions about your problems.


I support you to understand yourself and your body better, so that you can take your health into your own hands starting from today. Through knowledge transfer, coaching, embodiment and health tips, we look at your cycle on a holistic level and create space for self-exploration. Because that's the only thing that will create lasting change.

I am here to support you in this. 

Whether you just need someone to talk to or have specific questions about your experiences during your cycle.

Feel free to write me your request.

Berge und Sonne
Possible Topics to be Addressed

What is happening hormonally with me?

Why do my moods fluctuate constantly?

Does the cycle play a role?

Where can I find support for my cycle problems?

Is there anything I can do to help with my mood swings?

What should I pay attention to during the different phases of the menstrual cycle?

How do I get in touch with my body?

How can I make my life more aligned with my cycle?

What can I do about period pain and/or PMS?

I have severe migraines before my period. The doctors don't know what to do.

I feel a blockage in the uterus.

Can I use hormone-free contraception and still be safe?


*I am a certified ®Menstruality Leader with Red school. I am not a nutritionist, doctor or alternative practitioner. This means that I do not make diagnoses or prescribe medication.

  • 1 hr 15 min

    70 Euro
Image by Ryan Moreno

Dominika, St. Pölten

"I would recommend cycle coaching to any woman because it's a choice to be more mindful, self-aware and self-loving."

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